Want to Exhibit at a Wine Down?

Booth space is just $100 for a limited time. We’re filling up quick, so apply today!

Event Profile

  • Hours: 5:00–7:30 PM
  • Vendor Setup: 4:00 PM
  • Vendor Takedown: 7:30 PM
  • Relaxed clubhouse atmosphere
  • Indoors (unless specified)
  • Before dinner crowd
  • Colorado wine selection
  • Light music
  • 50-100 Attendees
  • Age 25-40
  • Affluent
  • Pet-friendly
  • No children
Wine Down Event Exhibitor

Prize Giveaways!

Each vendor is asked to provide one prize giveaway per event, which we will raffle off at end of the night. Prize value may be $15-$25.

The more you give, the more incentive for customers to come visit you!

Examples of past prize giveaways include a free month gym membership, free wine glasses, free massage, a week of pilates lessons, etc. Be creative!

Booth Details

  • Booth Size: 8′ x 4′
  • Bring own display, table, etc.
  • One electrical outlet


  • $100 per booth (limit 2 booths per event)
  • $50 discount if you bring food samples
  • $50 discount for artists & makers

So, is your business ready to Come Wine Down With Us and meet hundreds of potential new customers? Fill out a vendor application today!


Wine Down Vendor Application (#3)
Price (each): $100.00

Food & Beverage Vendor Insurance Requirement. Please upload your Certificate of Insurance (aka Proof of Insurance). You may choose to upload this information now, or email it within 24 hours to Steve@DenverNLFEvents.com. 

Price (each): $50 $50.00

Event Rules

  1. Set Up: All vendors (“Exhibitors”) are responsible for personal booth set-up. Vendors shall stay in designated space and shall not infringe on other vendors. Vendors must be at event site no later than 4:30 PM and off the premises by 8:00 PM. Do not be late, as set-up time is limited. Vendors should be set up and ready to sell by 5:00 and will keep all products set-up until 7:30. No early tear-downs permitted. Vendors shall stay in designated space and open entire time until 7:30 PM.
  2. Booth Spaces: The NLF Event Manager assigns all designated spaces. The spaces will be designated day of the event. Participants expected on any Event day must notify NLF Events 48 hours in advance if they are unable to attend. If vendor misses expected date, a $50 no show fee will be imposed.
  3. Prize Giveaways: Each Exhibitor must provide one prize giveaway per event of $15 -$25 or greater value, which the Event Manager will raffle off at end of event. Examples of past prize giveaway promotions are one free month free gym membership, free dental cleaning, free wine glasses, gift cards, clothing, free restaurant meal, free massage, a free week of karate lessons, etc.
  4. Fees & Taxes: All taxes, insurance and health permits are vendors responsibility. All local city/county and state taxes are the sole responsibility of the vendor. Denver NLF Events will not be held liable for vendors actions and or taxes.
  5. Presentation: Vendors must maintain the space assigned to them in a clean and sanitary condition. The space must be left in clean condition when leaving. No trash may be left at the Event. No smoking or consumption of alcohol, cannabis or mushrooms by vendors in the Event area.
  6. Sampling: Vendors may offer samples of their produce and value-added foods, provided that they practice good hygiene, proper sanitation and cleanliness. Vendors must obey the Sampling Guidelines for Colorado Markets. Vendors are not allowed to roam the market while giving away samples of their goods. Samples may only be offered at the vendor’s booth. Absolutely no sampling of alcohol, cannabis or mushrooms.
  7. Licensing and Regulations: Applicant must comply with current city, county, state and federal laws governing their business activities, and must provide the Event Manager current copies of any licenses, permits, inspections and certificates required for the sale of their products along with their application. Natural Living Foundation LLC and Event Location is not liable for vendors’ noncompliance with city, county, state and federal regulations.
  8. Insurance. All food / beverage vendors must provide proof of commercial general liability policy in the amount of $1,000,000 and submit a waiver of liability, indemnifying Natural Living Foundation, LLC, its board of directors, its volunteers and its employees against any and all claims arising from their participation in the Event. Vendors must further name Natural Living Foundation, LLC as an additional insured on their policies. Note: No certificate of insurance is required for non-food & beverage vendors.
  9. Vendor Selectivity: Denver NLF Events (Natural Living Foundation, LLC) reserves the right to prohibit anyone from selling at the Event or to prohibit any product from being sold there. These determinations will be made based on Event demand, applicable laws and health codes, the rules and regulations of Denver and at the Board of Directors’ discretion. Rules and regulations are subject to change for special event days and/or at the discretion and judgment of the Board of Directors.
  10. Enforcement of Rules: Any violations shall be reported to the Event Manager. The Manager will determine how to handle each violation. Any violation can result in expulsion from current and/or future Events.
  11. Refunds: Refunds: If your Vendor Application is approved, there are no refunds. If your Vendor Application is rejected, we will issue a full refund within 10 business days.
  12. Subscriptions & Vendor Communication Updates: You must agree (opt-in) to receive Denver NLF Events emails & texts for event updates and important messages
  13. Vendor Agreement: Read, understand and agree the rules/regulations of participating in Events, following all policies & procedures set forth in this document.